• TAQAT Forum: Interview with Dr Amina Al-Yassin London – (iina) The Taqat Forum invited many Iraqi speakers working in various fields. One of them is Dr Amina Al-Yassin who works as a General Practitioner specialised in children’s mental health, and she is the Director of Training and Development in the mental health programme at Al-Ayn Social…

  • Iraq, public hospital will be managed by the Polyclinic San Donato

    The Policlinico San Donato, a hospital of the San Donato Group, has been awarded a multi-year management of a public hospital in Iraq. This is the highly specialized university hospital in the city of Najaf, equipped with 492 beds and owned by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The agreement was…

  • Meet Iraqi humanitarian Hisham Al-Dahabi

    Published: 5th June, 2023 Date Taken: 4th June, 2023 Duration: 00:04:49 Category: Humanitarian, Social Meet Hisham Al-Dahabi, the man who decided to take care of the homeless and orphaned children in Iraq, after the war left many children without parental figures and more vulnerable than ever before. In 2017, Hisham…

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