Baghdad Hospitals Open Doors to Gaza Patients

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani paid a visit on Saturday evening to the Palestinian wounded lying in Dar Al-Nursing Hospital in the Medical City of the capital Baghdad, to check on their conditions and ensure they receive full treatment.

During his inspection of the wounded, including women, children, and men, His Excellency praised the heroism and resilience of the Palestinian people, reiterating Iraq’s steadfast stance on Palestine and its just cause.

The Prime Minister affirmed that all hospitals and medical facilities in Iraq are at the service of our Palestinian brothers, and that this is the least we can offer them as a duty, welcoming them warmly to their second country, Iraq.

Dozens of Palestinian wounded and their companions had arrived in Baghdad aboard an Iraqi Air Force plane to receive treatment and care after all health facilities in Gaza went out of service due to the continued aggression and the genocide against our steadfast Palestinian people.

Source:  PM Press Office

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