• QS: Iraq one of world’s fastest-growing research hubs

    One of the world’s highest regarded university rankings bodies, QS, in an interview with the Iraq International News Agency, the topic of Iraq’s progress in the university sphere was discussed with Dr Shadi Hijazi. Iraq is one of the fastest growing research hubs in the world by some margin. Between…

  • From England to Iraq by train

    United Kingdom based tour agency Lupine Travel which offers “once in a lifetime experiences in unique and hard to reach destinations” is to hold a “Wigan to Iraq” train trip to take place in September of this year. The Iraq International News Agency spoke with agency founder Dylan Harris about…

  • Times University Rankings: Iraq’s “very positive growth” on prestigious list

    In an interview with this agency, Phil Baty, Times Higher Education’s Chief Global Affairs officer spoke about the growth of Iraq’s universities.What trends in regards to Iraq’s universities has The Times University rankings noticed? University of Babylon was recently included for the first time in your rankings. Do you expect further…

  • American YouTuber Doug Barnard’s viral hits from Iraq with “the friendliest people in the world”

    Facing initial uncertainty and unknowns about the country, it was when a YouTuber friend invited him along that 26 year old Doug Barnard of Simsbury, Connecticut, embarked on his first trip to Iraq in August 2021, following his travels in Saudi Arabia and Egypt during the coronavirus pandemic. A spontaneous…

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