FlyErbil Announces London-Erbil Route

FlyErbil is set to inaugurate its newest route, connecting Erbil, Iraq, to London Gatwick starting May 31, 2024. Operating every Friday, this service will be facilitated by Airbus A320 aircraft. The schedule for the inaugural flights is as follows: UD115 departing Erbil at 14:30, arriving at London Gatwick at 20:25 with a two-hour layover in Plovdiv, and UD116 departing London Gatwick at 21:40, arriving in Erbil at 04:55. This significant expansion was announced on March 18, 2024, signalling FlyErbil’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and facilitating travel between Iraq and the United Kingdom. 

FlyErbil also answered some of our questions regarding the highly anticipated route.

What factors led FlyErbil to select London as a new destination, and what market opportunities or demand influenced this decision?

FlyErbil has been seeking to open new routes between Erbil and Europe according to the needs of the market and the requests of its customers. The family, commercial and political relations between the Kurdistan region (Iraq) and the UK have long been one of the main reasons for launching this flight route. 

Photo: Flyerbil

How does FlyErbil plan to differentiate its London-Erbil route from competitors, both in terms of service offerings and customer experience?

Fly Erbil (as the General Sales Agent of UR Airlines) has always tried to set its ticket prices based on the purchasing power of passengers.

Could you elaborate on the logistical and operational preparations FlyErbil is undertaking to ensure a smooth launch of the London-Erbil route by late May?

The Grand Operation team of Fly Erbil and UR Airlines have been engaged in technical studies and appropriate solutions for holding this flight for nearly a year, and the necessary arrangements have been made for the opening of this flight on May 31, 2024 (every Friday).

Photo: Flyerbil

What strategies does FlyErbil have in place to promote the London-Erbil route and attract passengers, particularly given the competitive landscape of international air travel?

As you know, FlyErbil (in cooperation with UR Airlines) is able to connect a large part of the main European cities to Iraq. This link is the result of the efforts of experienced engineers and crews (subject to EASA), as well as the services of authorized agents and sales support to passengers.

Passengers’ trust is our main priority.

And we hope that the London flight will be upgraded from one flight per week to two flights.


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