Returning Sinjar Families Receive Financial Aid

The Ministry of Migration has announced that it has distributed financial grants to 190 families who have recently returned from displacement camps to their original homes in the Sinjar district of Nineveh Governorate. Each family received a grant of four million dinars.

The ministry stated that its staff will continue distributing financial checks to all families who have recently returned to Sinjar in the coming days. This initiative is part of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to support displaced families in their transition back to their homes and to provide financial assistance to facilitate their resettlement and integration into their communities.

The distribution of these grants is a significant step in aiding the rehabilitation of the Sinjar district, which has been severely impacted by conflict and displacement. The financial support is aimed at helping families rebuild their lives and contribute to the overall recovery and stability of the region.

Source: Ministry of Migration and Displaced

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