The International Education Delegation visits Iraq 

The recent visit of an International Education Delegation to Iraq, led by Education International’s General Secretary David Edwards, was a significant occasion. During their meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister, the focus was on enhancing the skills of Iraqi teachers through advanced curricula. This delegation emphasised the pivotal role of quality education, highlighting it as a shared responsibility between teachers’ unions and organisations dedicated to advancing the teaching profession.

Iraq’s Prime Minister welcomed this collaborative effort, recognising the immense benefits it brings to the country’s education sector. He highlighted the government’s ongoing commitment, particularly in light of the approval of the Education Strategy (2022-2031) in collaboration with international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, and the World Bank. This strategy represents a pivotal step towards ensuring a brighter future for Iraqi students, with a robust educational framework that aligns with global standards. The International Education Delegation’s visit to Iraq thus marked a significant stride towards strengthening the nation’s education system and fostering cooperation on a global scale.


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