Anbar University Unveils Modern Lecture Halls

The Ministry of Planning announced today that its specialised teams conducted an on-site visit to the project for constructing lecture halls for the Colleges of Administration, Economics, and Petrochemicals at the University of Anbar. 

The project involves constructing several buildings of various sizes, each equipped with lecture halls, administrative offices, diverse laboratories, a library, recreational services, and health facilities. Additionally, it includes storage areas, elevators, and advanced cooling and fire systems. The primary goal is to provide a suitable educational environment and improve the quality of education by equipping lecture halls with modern equipment and technologies. This initiative aims to increase capacity and meet the growing number of students, offering facilities that cater to all specialisations.

To address the halt in construction, the Ministry has formed two committees: the Current Status and Financial Entitlement Committee and the Work Acceleration Committee. The Ministry urged the concerned parties to take necessary measures to resume and complete the project within specific timelines.

Source: Ministry of Planning

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