• Al-Kadhimiya Shrine Illuminating the Oldest Town of Baghdad

    Al-Kadhimiya Mosque is a sacred mosque in the oldest town of Baghdad which contains the tombs of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim and Imam Muhammad Al-Jawad. It is very famous amongst the Shia Muslim community and was built in 834 AD. The mosque includes two golden domes, Kufic inscriptions all over the…

  • Iraqi Banking Sector Transforms with Electronic Payment Innovations

    Engineer Suha Al Kifaee, Managing Director of the International Islamic Bank, discusses the significant transformations in Iraq’s private banking sector. The adoption of an electronic platform based on the central bank rate of 1,320 dinar has ushered in a new era. This shift has facilitated the entry of diverse economic…

  • The Art Institute in Baghdad

    The Larsa Institute in Baghdad is offering art classes for people of all ages and background. They are taught to draw sketches and paint with oil paints on canvas. This is allowing many Iraqi kids and adults to express themselves through creativity. It is also improving their confidence as they…

  • Raising Awareness on Climate Change and Wildlife in Iraq

    Climate change has been an ongoing issue in Iraq causing water shortages and weather changes. Mahdi Laith, an Iraqi Environmental Activist, is advocating to raise awareness of climate change and the mistreatment of wildlife animals, especially reptiles. People of Iraq have not received a crucial education on the importance of…

  • SAFAR Film Festival: The Arab World Through a New Lens

    SAFAR Film Festival, organised by The Arab British Center, is curating its 8th year of Arab cinema from the 29th of June till the 9th of July. This film festival has now become very influential in the world of independent films, showcasing the Arab cinematic culture in 9 different cities…

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