CMC Discusses Model of Media and Democracy at UNESCO

Dr. Ali Al-Moayyed, the head of the Iraqi Media and Communications Commission (CMC), recently participated in a significant event at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The event featured panel discussions and Q&A opportunities focusing on the role of modern media technologies in promoting freedoms and democracy in Iraq. The sessions also addressed the government’s efforts to combat digital extremism. Attended by the Iraqi ambassador to France, Mr. Wadih Al-Batti, and senior UNESCO officials, the event brought attention to Iraq’s commitment to international media conventions and its aspirations to reclaim a leading role in the region.

Dr. Al-Moayyed highlighted the remarkable progress in Iraq’s media landscape since 2003, noting a substantial increase in media outlets and the active representation of diverse social components. He emphasised the current Iraqi government’s dedication to supporting and developing media institutions, including the recent approval to establish a specialised media city meeting international standards. A historic milestone was also mentioned—the decision by Chief Justice Dr. Faiq Zidan to ensure journalists are not prosecuted for administrative or job-related violations.

The event also addressed the misuse of social media as well as the recent surge of use of AI, with Dr. Al-Muayyed pointing to the Commission’s efforts in sending millions of text messages annually to enhance community security. He concluded by inviting UNESCO and media organizations to visit Baghdad to witness Iraq’s unique democratic experience and encourage a more accurate portrayal of Iraqi society.

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