UK reaffirms commitment to the stability and security of Iraq: UK statement at the Security Council

Thank you, Madam President I’d like to thank the Special Representative for her very clear briefing and Ms Latif for her words about protecting the rights of women and girls. At the outset, Madam President, I would like to commend the continued work of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq. Over the past twenty years the Mission has played a vital role in supporting Iraq and the Iraqi people. We strongly support the renewal of the mandate of the Mission and welcome the opportunity for an independent strategic review to ensure the Mission is aligned to the current peace and security threats facing Iraq.

The UK remains committed to supporting the Iraqi Government and the implementation of its ambitious reform agenda. In particular, passing a budget will be a crucial step in delivering the Government’s priorities including on economic reform and energy diversification. We welcome the steps already taken to tackle corruption, to strengthen economic infrastructure and to begin the green energy transition.

We also commend the steps taken by the Iraqi Government to find durable solutions to address the displacement crisis in Iraq; to provide essential services and to support survivors of conflict, including those from minority communities. We continue to encourage further implementation of the Yazidi Survivors Law including through the timely distribution of reparations to survivors. And the UK will continue to work with the Iraqi Government to support accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) including so that the horrific crimes perpetrated by Da’esh are addressed and prosecuted effectively.

We thank the Special Representative for her update on the Kurdistan region and we urge the Kurdistan Regional Parliament and the Kurdistan Regional Government to take all necessary steps to ensure that the planned elections are able to take place in November without further postponement. It is incumbent on all parties to ensure an electoral process which adheres to international standards and upholds the rights of all citizens, including women and minorities, to participate in the democratic process.

We welcome the Special Representative’s update on missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals and missing Kuwaiti property.

We commend Iraq’s focus on its regional relations and welcome the SRSG’s role in supporting regional dialogue. As we continue to see the adverse impacts of climate change, the Special Representative’s engagement on transboundary environmental issues is particularly valuable.

Once again, I’d like to renew the UK’s commitment to the stability and security of Iraq and to the essential role the Mission plays in support. We look forward to participating in further discussions on the renewal of the mandate in the coming days.

Thank you.

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