UNESCO Conference Highlights Digital Transformation Initiatives in Iraq

the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Paris’ participation in UNESCO’s “The Digital Age” conference, organised by Al Basheer Foundation, was a notable highlight. Held at UNESCO headquarters, the event convened global experts, diplomats, and industry leaders to discuss the transformative impact of digital technologies. Representing the foundation, delegates highlighted their ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at leveraging digital tools for humanitarian and developmental purposes in Iraq.

Al Basheer Foundation, renowned for its charitable work, presented its efforts to integrate digital solutions into education, healthcare, and social services. They showcased successful case studies where digital platforms enhanced educational outcomes, improved healthcare delivery, and facilitated efficient distribution of aid. The foundation emphasised the importance of digital literacy, advocating for programs that equip individuals with essential skills to navigate and utilise digital resources effectively.

Furthermore, the foundation’s representatives discussed the critical need for inclusive digital infrastructure to ensure equitable access to technology across urban and rural areas. They called for stronger international collaboration to bridge the digital divide, aligning with UNESCO’s broader objectives of fostering inclusive and sustainable development. Al Basheer Foundation’s contributions were well-received, providing valuable insights and reinforcing the conference’s goals of promoting digital innovation and inclusivity in the modern age.

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