TAQAT Forum: Interview with the Iraqi Cultural Attaché in London

London – (iina) In an exclusive interview with Mohammed Al-Hashimi, he speaks on the opportunities the Iraqi Cultural Attaché offers to the youth of the Iraqi diaspora, particularly Iraqi students, visitors and professors coming from Iraq to the UK, Ireland and other Western European countries.

The group facilitates students from the moment of arrival until they receive their certificate and return  to Iraq. The knowledge and entrepreneurship skills that students gain in the UK as well as other foreign countries is encouraged to be applied towards Iraq’s new investment opportunities. 

Mr Al-Hashimi mentions that the government launched the new ‘Riyada’ initiative (Entrepreneur in English) to open up doors for young people. It is supposed to motivate them in developing their ideas and provide them with extra support from other Iraqi entrepreneurs. He highlights that a lot of investment opportunities are opening up in Iraq, particularly Baghdad, and he encourages for young people to establish independent companies that can lead to success.

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