Ghribi “Agreement signed in Iraq, great opportunities for Italy”

The partnership between Italy and Iraq in the health sector has been strengthened. Kamel Ghribi, President of Gksd Investment Holding and Vice President of the San Donato Group, signed in Iraq “a preliminary agreement with the Governor of Basra Assad Al Eidani”. Ghribi announced the agreement on his Instagram profile, adding this is a symbol of commitment and determination in pursuing projects that will produce tangible benefits for Iraq and its people, while consolidating bilateral relations between Rome and Baghdad. The agreement signed with Sace includes the training of Iraqi doctors, an exchange and visiting doctors program and patient assistance at the hospitals of the San Donato Group.

Ghribi described the agreement as “a milestone of great importance for the sustainable development of the country and its health system”. He underlined “it is, in fact – one of the most significant agreements between GKSD-Gruppo San Donato and Iraq which will also include partnership projects in infrastructure and renewable energy. I am already planning a follow-up trip to define the details of further cooperation projects”.

During his trip, Ghribi also met Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al Sudani, Industry Minister Khalid Battal Al-Najim and the Mayor of Baghdad Ammar Musa Kadhim. “These very important and significant meetings, play a fundamental role in strengthening ties between Italy and Iraq, as well as supporting a partnership of exceptional value”, he concluded.

Source: Italpress

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