CMC Leads Iraqi Delegation in Bahrain Meeting: Prioritising Palestinian Issue

The Iraqi delegation, headed by the Media and Communications Authority, participated in the 101st regular session of the Permanent Committee for Arab Media held in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The meeting focused on the Palestinian issue, reviewing the suffering of the Palestinian people and emphasising the necessity of continuing media support for the cause and intensifying efforts to convey the Arab voice to the world. The participants also discussed a proposal to establish the Arab Institute for Peace Journalism and ways to implement the phased plan of the joint Arab media strategy to combat terrorism, as well as the recommendations of the first forum for influencers and content creators in the field of sustainable development.

The Iraqi delegation presented national efforts in the field of environmental media and announced the preparation of a draft Iraqi strategy to address environmental issues through media, which will be presented to Arab countries for formulation and adoption as an Iraqi project.

Additionally, the meeting discussed the location and date for the 102nd regular session of the Permanent Committee for Arab Media and the 20th session of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, along with the activities and work of the upcoming 55th session of the ministerial council.

Source: Communications and Media Commission


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