FAO Iraq trains ministry of agriculture staff on good agricultural practices

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Iraq held a training of trainers’ workshop for the Ministry of Agriculture’s staff under the project funded by the Belgian Government. The workshop aimed to train farmers on Good Agricultural Practices, which develop capacity building and technical skills in crop production, fertilization, irrigation, pest control, harvesting, and equipment maintenance, leading to improved agricultural productivity, food security, and farmers’ income.

Dr Salah El Hajj Hassan, FAO Representative in Iraq, inaugurated the workshop and emphasized the importance of raising farmers’ awareness and improving their technical skills. He also stressed that the training aimed to equip the Ministry of Agriculture’s staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to train farmers, including the new approach of Good Agriculture Practices contributing to reducing production costs, preserving natural resources, protecting the environment, and increasing farmers’ income.

The workshop was a part of FAO’s ongoing efforts to support the development of Iraq’s agricultural sector and enhance food security through a project that aims to improve the farmers’ technical skills and increase their productivity, leading to the sustainable development of Iraq’s agricultural sector.

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