• Iraqis gather for Eid al-Adha prayers

      Iraq witnessed a joyous Eid al-Adha celebration as citizens came together for prayers and festivities. From busy city centers to smaller towns, mosques overflowed with worshippers marking the start of the holy holiday. Children also participated, learning how to pray. Eid al-Adha, a highlight of the Islamic calendar, transcended…

  • Mosul Conference Promotes Religious Harmony

    The Women’s Affairs Department within the Ministry of Migration and Displacement hosted the second conference titled “Unifying Religious Discourse and Enhancing Community Cohesion for the Return of Survivors of Violence.” Held under the patronage of Minister Ivan Jabro and in collaboration with the United Nations and the Renewal Organisation, the…

  • The History of Mesopotamia: Interview with Professor & Archaeologist Roger Matthews

    In an exclusive interview, Professor Roger Matthews, of the Archaeology Department at the University of Reading, speaks about his research and archaeological findings surrounding the prehistory and early history of the Mesopotamian region.  Given your extensive research on Mesopotamia, could you explain why this region is considered the ‘cradle of…

  • Yazidi Displaced Persons Return to their Home City from Dohuk Camps

    Almost 800 Yazidis are returning to their hometown of Sinjar after being displaced to Dohuk camps, according to Mrs. Evan Faeq Jabro, the Minister of Migration and Displacement. The Ministry of Migration announced that more than 785 Yazidis, who were displaced to the Esyan and Mam Rashan camps in Dohuk,…

  • Returning Sinjar Families Receive Financial Aid

    The Ministry of Migration has announced that it has distributed financial grants to 190 families who have recently returned from displacement camps to their original homes in the Sinjar district of Nineveh Governorate. Each family received a grant of four million dinars. The ministry stated that its staff will continue…

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