Mosul Conference Promotes Religious Harmony

The Women’s Affairs Department within the Ministry of Migration and Displacement hosted the second conference titled “Unifying Religious Discourse and Enhancing Community Cohesion for the Return of Survivors of Violence.” Held under the patronage of Minister Ivan Jabro and in collaboration with the United Nations and the Renewal Organisation, the conference aimed to create a more inclusive environment for returning survivors.

Taking place in Mosul, Nineveh Governorate, the conference addressed key issues related to the voluntary return of women who have experienced violence. Discussions focused on the power of religious discourse in promoting community unity and achieving lasting social peace. The event brought together religious leaders, dignitaries, and representatives from all sects within the governorate, culminating in the creation of a consensus-based action plan.

Attendees applauded the Ministry’s commitment to supporting women and vulnerable groups across liberated provinces. They acknowledged the Ministry’s efforts in overcoming challenges to facilitate the safe return of displaced persons and highlighted the importance of these initiatives in building a brighter future for all governorates.


Source: Ministry of Migration 

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