Association of Women Judges Commemorates International Day of Women Judges with the support of UN Iraq

Iraq’s Association of Women Judges commemorated the International Day of Women Judges for the first time in Iraq with the support of Honorable Chief Justice Faiq Zaidan and the United Nations in Iraq.

In 2021, with Resolution 75/274, the United Nations General Assembly declared 10 March as the International Day of Women Judges and encouraged that the day is commemorated through activities promoting the full and equal participation of women at all levels of the judiciary.

His Excellency, the Honorable Chief Justice of Iraq, Mr. Fa’iq Zaidan, spoke at the event and emphasized, “the Supreme Judicial Council has an ambitious plan to increase the number of judges, particularly women judges, and the Council has already contributed to supporting, motivating and strengthening the role of women judges by ensuring they assume leadership roles in some of the key departments of the Judiciary.”

During the commemoration, women judges from across Iraq further discussed how to strengthen their roles, responsibilities and contributions at all levels and across all sectors of Iraq’s judiciary. They were also joined by the representatives of the Iraqi Parliament and the Government to explore legislative and policy measures to address gender norms and enable gender equality in Iraq.

“Supporting women’s advancement and promoting women justice leaders at all levels in the judiciary and across all types of cases is an investment in justice being better served and in equality before the law,” said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Isaczai. “The establishment of a dedicated Women Judge’s Association in Iraq is an encouraging step to build gender equality within the Iraqi judiciary, paving the way for women across the nation to achieve equitable access to justice”, he added.

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