Women’s Mental Health and Technology: Insights from CMC Workshop

The Communications and Media Commission celebrated International Women’s Health Day by organising an educational workshop in the capital, Baghdad. This workshop focused on the health and psychological effects of modern technology on women. Representatives from the Women’s Affairs Department and the Planning and Follow-up Department of the Authority participated in the workshop, along with representatives from the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Labor and Social Affairs, and a group of other institutions and specialists.

The workshop discussed the health and psychological challenges that may arise from using modern devices and equipment, such as mobile phones and communication towers, and their impact on women’s health at home and work. It also emphasized the importance of utilizing modern applications and purposeful digital content in educating and raising women’s awareness about their mental and physical health, and enhancing their skills in public life.

Participants in the workshop stressed the need to enhance cooperation between various concerned parties to provide a safe and healthy digital environment for women, enabling them to benefit positively from modern technology.

The importance of this workshop cannot be overstated, as it addresses a pressing need to focus on women’s health in the digital age. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is crucial to understand and mitigate the potential health risks associated with its use, particularly for women who often juggle multiple roles at home and work. By fostering awareness and education, such initiatives contribute to the overall well-being of women, ensuring they can thrive in a tech-driven world while maintaining their mental and physical health.

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