UCMT.IQ, Sputnik, and IINA collaborate for Media Training in Iraq

The Union Center for Media Training in Iraq (UCMT.IQ), in cooperation with the Russian news agency (Sputnik) and in partnership with the Iraq International News Agency (IINA), held a specialised workshop titled “How Global News Agencies Operate.”

In a press statement exclusive to IINA, the Director-General of the Center, Mr. Mohammed Al-Khuzai, emphasised the necessity of sustaining the organisation of courses to develop skills and specialised workshops to enhance local capabilities, aiming to benefit from international expertise and pioneering, solid experiences in the fields of public opinion formation, news transmission, event coverage, and providing journalistic and media services to press, radio, and television institutions.

Al-Khuzai explained that the efforts of the Iraq International News Agency (IINA) and its global partnerships have paved the way for numerous agreements and cooperation protocols between local institutions in Iraq and global centers and agencies, most notably the Russian News Agency (Sputnik), given its significant influence in the field of journalistic and media work, to improve and refine the performance of workers in the news sectors in Iraq.

Al-Khuzai pointed out that the seminar hosted by the Head of Editorial Department at Sputnik News Agency and Radio, Mikhail Alaeddin, who presented the vision, mission, objectives, and experiences of the Russian news agency in news and event reporting, as well as its professional role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and partnership between the Russian Federation and Iraq, to convey the true image of Iraq to the world, highlighting its strategic position among countries and its youthful potential shaping the future of its security, stability, and prosperity.

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