UCMT.IQ and IINA Conduct Photojournalism Training for Female Students

The Union Center for Media Training (UCMT.IQ) organised a photo journalism course in Baghdad on the 23rd of February, for female journalists and media professionals. This is to empower women in their professional endeavours as well as enhancing their media skills. The course was led in partnership with the  Iraq International News Agency (IINA) and the Independent Monitor for press (Impress).

Mr. Mohamed Al-Khuzai, director of UCMT.IQ, clarified that the two-day course focused on the global standards of journalism, in particular on practical photography training with cameras as well as writing skills. IINA’s Executive Manager in Iraq Dr. Suzan Hameed presented the Impress editorial code of standard. The Program Director at UCMT.IQ, Mr. Ghassan Al-Saadi provided editorial and photography training.

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