Tigris Transit: Navigating Traffic-Free with River Taxis

Baghdad – (iina) In response to the traffic congestions in Baghdad, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport introduced a transportation solution: the river taxi system. This initiative offers citizens an efficient and affordable means of travel along the Tigris River, marking a significant advancement in the city’s transportation sector, long obstructed by periods of conflict.

Taxi boats parked at the pick-up point in Baghdad

The river taxi system operates via two key stations: al-Kadhimiya and al-Mutanabi Street, going from the north of Baghdad to the central hub of the city. Notably, this initiative has substantially reduced travel times, with the journey between stations now taking around 15 minutes. In contrast, traveling the same distance by car typically exceeds an hour due to congested roads.

Passenger being transported, with the river taxi, on the other side of the Tigris River

This development highlights the transformative impact of river taxis on Baghdad’s transportation system. By avoiding traffic and offering a smooth journey, the system not only enhances mobility but also fosters economic activity and social connectivity. Moreover, it provides residents and visitors with a refreshing perspective of the city, showcasing its rich heritage along the Tigris River. Overall, the introduction of river taxis represents a notable step forward in addressing transportation challenges and improving the quality of life for Baghdad’s population.

View of river taxis on the Tigris River
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