The Story Behind Baghdad’s Yellow Taxis

Once a common sight on Baghdad’s bustling streets, the iconic yellow taxis are now competing with other modes of transport. Unlike their vibrant counterparts in other cities, these cabs hold a unique place in Baghdad’s history.

Passengers enquiring about prices and availability

For decades, they have been the go-to choice for getting around. Their bright yellow colour ensures easy visibility, while their affordability made them accessible to all. However, times have changed. Ride-sharing apps and the increasing number of private vehicles offer a more convenient and personalised transportation experience, especially for visitors relying on online forms of payment.

A street in Baghdad with many yellow taxis

Despite their initial decline, the yellow cabs are still popular among the capital’s locals. Hopping into one offers a nostalgic ride, a chance to experience a piece of Baghdad’s transportation past, as well as the drivers’ expertise of the history and hidden locations of the city. These vibrant yellow cars serve are a reminder of the cohexistence of past and present of the city, proof to Baghdad’s ever-evolving landscape.

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