The Ministry of Interior Hosts Meeting to Solve Issues in the Media

Baghdad – (iina) The Ministry of Interior hosted a coordination meeting today, Tuesday, with the directors of television channels operating in the country, in the presence of the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, the Head of the Communications and Media Commission, Dr. Ali Al-Moayad, and the President of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Mr. Muayyad al-Lami.

Dr. Ali Al-Moayad emphasised that today’s meeting reflects a high level of awareness within the state institutions regarding media issues. It aims to discuss several issues relevant to society, such as combating drug trafficking, centralising weapon ownership with the state, and promoting traffic safety. He noted that Iraq’s democratic system necessitates that the relationship between security agencies and citizens is built on trust and reassurance, a principle that media institutions in their various forms contribute to reinforcing and developing.

The Head of the Communications and Media Commission stated that Iraqi media has been instrumental in representing the voice of the citizens, as well as in highlighting the achievements of government agencies. Its role has been evident in critiquing negative incidents that may accompany the work of governmental institutions for the purpose of correction and improvement.

He praised the efforts made by the Ministry of Interior and its various departments and formations, which have positively impacted the reduction of crime rates and security breaches. He also commended the facilitations provided by the ministry to enhance the work of those in the media sector.

Dr. Ali Al-Moayad encouraged media institutions to raise awareness about the upcoming provincial council elections, which will take place in the middle of the next month, and to motivate the public to participate in this exercise to strengthen democracy in the country.
In his turn, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, affirmed that the ministry will allow its provincial offices to provide statements to media institutions and will instruct the Ministry’s Media and Relations Department to do so in a manner that contributes to conveying the ministry’s work and achievements.

Mr. Al-Shammari also presented the ministry’s efforts in combating drug trafficking and reducing its spread by drying up its sources and tracking international traffickers while minimizing the supply as much as possible. He revealed the employment of modern technology and digital technologies in securing borders and combating oil derivatives smuggling gangs, in addition to the ministry’s resolute stance against corrupt elements.

Mr. Al-Shammari pointed out that the strategy adopted by the ministry has led to a significant decrease in the crime rate in most Iraqi provinces.

Mr. Muayyad Al-Lami, the President of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, considered the current Ministry of Interior to be the best since 2003, and its role has been evident despite the short duration. He noted that complaints about obstructing the work of journalists have decreased significantly during the past period, which is associated with the good relations that the ministry and Mr. Minister maintain with many media institutions operating in the country.

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