The Baghdad Municipality Initiates a Tree Planting Campaign

The Baghdad Municipality has launched an environmental campaign to plant numerous trees around Iraq’s capital, aiming to expand green spaces. This project prevents pollution and provides urban areas for Baghdad’s residents.

Increasing green spaces creates a more pleasant environment for Iraqis, offering cleaner air and benefiting their physical and mental health. Trees will be planted in parks, city squares, and along streets. Residents and communities are encouraged to participate in planting and maintaining the trees to ensure a lasting impact.

High temperatures are a significant issue in Iraq, and expanding green spaces will help create cooler environments where citizens can gather, enhancing air quality and temperature. The Baghdad Municipality is educating citizens about the importance of green spaces in combating extreme heat and pollution. They are also emphasising the significance of engaging in tree planting and long-term care.

This initiative aims to foster a sense of community and responsibility among Baghdad’s residents, encouraging them to contribute to a greener, healthier urban environment. Through these efforts, the municipality seeks to create a sustainable and clean city for current and future generations.

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