Sports education expands across Iraq

In the provinces of Babylon, Karbala and Najaf, sports education has expanded through the establishment of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. The college has recently increased both the number of scientific branches covered in addition to the number of students enrolled. In 2011, postgraduate studies were introduced and 12 male and female students were accepted in the first batch. In 2016 evening study was introduced.

Dr. Jassim Jaber, Dean of the College of Physical Education, Al-Qasim Al-Khadra, says the college has adopted an ambitious project to enhance the skills and qualifications of the staff by focusing on scholarship programs, fellowships, and study leave. The college continues to develop its infrastructure of scientific laboratories, classrooms, squares and sports fields. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the creation of a new college in Diwaniyah.

In a statement from the ministry: “The Minister of Higher Education visited the governorates of Diwaniyah and Babil, and met with governorate officials, and they discussed developing and implementing projects, supporting educational institutions, especially Al-Qasim and Al-Qadisiyah University, and expanding its infrastructure in a way that covers the districts of the governorate.”

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