Social Protection’s Impact on Orphan Education

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met with a group of orphaned students who excelled in their sixth-grade national exams. These students, whose families are supported from social protection programs, were praised by the Prime Minister for their determination and academic success despite facing challenging circumstances.

The meeting served as an opportunity for Al-Sudani to reaffirm the government’s unwavering commitment to education. He emphasised the students’ achievements as a source of pride not just for their families, but for the entire nation. Looking forward, the Prime Minister outlined a series of initiatives aimed at improving the educational sector. These included continued construction of schools, expanded access to educational resources, and a significant scholarship program with 5,000 opportunities in specialised fields. Additionally, the government pledged to activate student grants, distribute food baskets, and support housing projects for students in need, emphasising their commitment to well-being.

This meeting represents a renewed focus on education in Iraq, with particular emphasis on ensuring equal opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The success of these orphaned students demonstrates the transformative power of education and the positive impact of social welfare programs.

Source: PM Press Office

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