Save Iraqi Culture Monument

The Save Iraqi Culture Monument in Baghdad stands as a symbol of the country’s rich heritage, aiming to draw attention to the importance of preserving its cultural legacy despite times of turmoil. This monument serves as a rallying cry to safeguard Iraq’s ancient history, artifacts, and diverse traditions from the ravages of conflict and destruction.

The monument is located in the center of Baghdad, calling upon the global community to come together in solidarity, supporting initiatives to safeguard these cultural treasures for future generations.

The Save Iraqi Culture Monument, commissioned in 2010 by the mayor of Baghdad, was designed by late Iraqi sculptor Mohammad Ghani Hikmat. The monument serves as a call to action, urging authorities, international organisations, and individuals to take tangible steps in protecting and preserving Iraq’s heritage. Prioritising heritage helps ensure that the cultural identity and history of Iraq remain vibrant, even amidst any challenges it may face.

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