Saham Al-Mutawalli Street in Al-Adhamiya Attracts Visitors

Saham Al-Mutawalli Street, situated in Baghdad’s Al-Adhamiya district, is well-known for its array of shops offering women’s accessories. It extends from the intersection of Al-Sabah Street to Ras Al-Hawash, leading to the primary street of Al-Adhamiya.

Women shopping at Saham Al-Mutawalli Street.

In its prime during the 1970s, the street saw a surge in the opening of clothing and women’s accessory stores. Among these, the Saham Mutawalli store stood out as one of the most prominent establishments, giving the street its name.

Shops at Saham Al-Mutawalli Street.

Recently, in February, the street was adorned with new lighting fixtures, attracting more visitors and shoppers and giving local businesses a boost in foot traffic and sales. These lighting upgrades are part of the city’s efforts to brighten up Baghdad’s streets.

New light fixtures at Saham Al-Mutawalli Street.

The municipality is also working with the electricity directorate to improve other essential services such as electricity, water, and street cleanliness, aiming to enhance the overall quality of life in Baghdad.

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