Fudwat Arab Restaurants Offer Suhoor Meals

Baghdad – (iina) During Ramadan, restaurants in the neighbourhood of Fudwat Arab offer Suhoor meals to the citizens of Baghdad. Fudwat Arab neighborhood is an ancient district filled with architectures from the 1940s. The name ‘”Fudwat” comes from the word “open area” which describes the great space of the area as it used to have markets gathering Arab dairy sellers and livestock.

Preparations of Suhoor meals by the chefs.

As Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal, Iraqis consume food that are nutritious and filling in order to gain energy for the fasting period of the day. The meals include meat, vegetables, eggs and cheese to provide sustainable energy throughout the day.

Baghdad citizens sharing a Suhoor meal at Fudwat Arab.

The people of Baghdad gather to share a Suhoor meal on the holy month of Ramadan to bring together the sense of community and peace that is evident in the Iraqi culture and in Islam. Also, it is a time for individuals to reflect on themselves and prepare spiritually for their fasting day ahead.

Friends and family gathered for the Suhoor meal.

Today marks the 8th day of Ramadan, meaning that Muslims are slowly working on their spiritual growth and discipline of unhealthy habits. Enabling them to reach goals of self-improvement, connection to a higher being, and devotion.

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