Quranic Calligraphy: Merging Sacred Texts with Iraq’s Artistic Spirit

The Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Al Badrani, inaugurated the Holy Quran Calligraphy Exhibition. The event was organized by the Department of Public Arts in the ministry and opened on a Monday in the Ministry’s hall. The exhibition showcases the intricate and profound art of writing and calligraphy of the Holy Quran.

The exhibition features manuscripts of thirty sections of the Holy Quran, each meticulously crafted by thirty talented artists hailing from various cities across the country. This congregation of artistic expressions not only pays homage to the Quran’s sacred text but also demonstrates the diversity and creativity within Iraq’s artistic community.

What makes this exhibition even more special is the commitment to sharing these priceless creations with a wider audience. Manuscript displays are planned in different provinces of Iraq in the coming days, ensuring that more people can appreciate and be inspired by the fusion of devotion and artistry present in the Quranic calligraphy. The Holy Quran Calligraphy Exhibition not only celebrates its contents, but also the dedication that has gone into preserving its sanctity through art.

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