Progress on Traffic Relief Bridge Project

The Ministry of Planning is actively overseeing additional work on a crucial project aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in Baghdad. Specifically, the project involves constructing a bridge connecting Muhammad Al-Qasim Road to the Army Canal Road from the Rustamiya side. During a recent field visit, ministry teams assessed the progress and addressed challenges hindering completion. This initiative is part of the first package of projects designed to enhance traffic flow in the capital, marking it as a significant endeavour for Baghdad.

Key enhancements include developing a 60-meter-long bridge with approaches and expanding the road from Front Square (Al-Rustamiyah Entrance) to Diyala Bridge, spanning 1 km. Additional improvements involve widening the road from Muhammad Al-Qasim towards Diyala Bridge, linked to the new bridge. Progress has reached approximately 10%, with completion anticipated by September. Completed aspects include a 560-meter-long overhead bridge and four bridged turns at the Army Canal, enhancing connectivity across the channel. Efforts are underway to resolve conflicts such as concrete pieces, electricity cables, and water lines to ensure project timelines are met efficiently.

Source: Ministry of Planning

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