From Cohibas to Kit Kats, Western imports on sale in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq – A rare combination of Cuban cigars and Western candy has hit the shelves in a shop in Baghdad.

Cuban cigars, known for their unique taste and quality, have long been a favorite among cigar connoisseurs worldwide. However, due to trade embargoes and sanctions, they have been difficult to obtain in many countries, including Iraq.

Priced to appeal to the high-end market, the Cuban cigars pose an alternative to the Shisha often favoured by Iraqis.

In addition to the cigars, a wide range of Western candies and beverages, including from brands such as Hershey’s, Nestle and Ferrero are available, having long been popular in the West and now becoming more widely available in Iraq.

The availability of such goods is a sign of the increasing openness of the Iraqi market. With more and more international brands entering the market, it is clear that there is a growing appetite for luxury goods and Western products in the country. So for those who are interested in indulging in the pleasures of a Cuban cigar or satisfying their sweet tooth, Baghdad is a place to be.

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