Photojournalism workshop Concluded in Mosul

The Iraq International News Agency (IINA), in partnership with the Nineveh International Exhibition, orchestrated a training programme in photojournalism within the city of Mosul. The event gathered 15 participants from local initiatives, institutions, and civil society organisations active in the humanitarian sphere within the Nineveh governorate. The primary objective of the course was to improve the theoretical and practical skills of the attendees in the art of photographic journalism, familiarising them with the components of professional cameras and how to capture high-quality images.

The programme commenced with introductory remarks from the sponsor, Mr. Arkan Al-Faysal, the General Manager of the Nineveh International Exhibition.

The training course, led by a professional photographer, focused on the principles of professional photography.

Furthermore, the curriculum included an in-depth explanation of the Impress editorial code of standard, by Ms. Masra Saadoun, the Public Relations Manager for IINA.

Upon the conclusion of the course, the trainees received certificates of participation. 

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