Oil & Gas 2023: Fueling Innovation, Sustainability, and Collaboration

The Oil & Gas Projects 2023 Conference in Baghdad, scheduled from the 10th to the 13th of September, promises a rich and diverse exhibition schedule.

The exhibition will start with a preparatory conference featuring the Ministry of Oil and its associated companies. The first day of the exhibition will have an expansive conference where the Ministry of Oil, government entities, licensed foreign companies, and officials from local and central government bodies will be in attendance.

On the second day, participating companies take the stage to showcase their contributions, while the Ministry of Oil and fellow participants will showcase their presentations. In order for the companies to take part, they have to be selected based on sponsorship, type of involvement and field of work.

The third day brings another conference with participation from five key companies, engaging in discussions on participation and licensing opportunities, alongside government representatives. The exhibition concludes with a grand ceremony, where certificates of appreciation, shields, and gifts from the Ministry of Oil, sponsoring companies, and organizers are distributed. To conclude, the last day of the exhibition wraps up with a memorable gala dinner, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to celebrate a successful event.

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