New Overpass Connects Expressway and Army Canal Road

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani recently inaugurated a significant infrastructure project aimed at easing traffic congestion in Baghdad. The newly completed overpass connects Mohammed Al-Qasim Expressway with Army Canal Road from Al-Rustamiya, spanning 470 meters. This overpass is a crucial part of the first package of initiatives designed to alleviate the city’s chronic traffic issues.

The project exemplifies the government’s commitment to improving urban mobility and enhancing the quality of life for Baghdad’s residents. By providing a direct link between two major thoroughfares, the overpass is expected to streamline traffic flow and reduce travel times for commuters. This development not only addresses immediate traffic concerns but also lays the groundwork for further infrastructure improvements in the capital.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasised the importance of such projects in fostering economic growth and improving public services. He highlighted that reducing traffic congestion can lead to increased productivity, lower pollution levels, and a more efficient transportation network. The inauguration of this overpass marks a step forward in Baghdad’s urban development strategy, with more initiatives planned to tackle the city’s transportation challenges comprehensively, and many projects being already completed for Iraq’s “Year of Achievements”.

Source: PM Press Office

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