New Flights Connect Iraq to Iranian Caspian Coast

Iraqis looking for a quick escape now have a new flight option! Baghdad’s international airport has started offering direct flights to Rasht, Iran, a popular tourist destination near the Caspian Sea coast.

Starting from late June, Iraqi Airways will operate on this route, offering Iraqis a convenient way to explore the beauty of northern Iran. This new service operates every Friday, potentially opening doors to weekend getaways and cultural experiences for Iraqi travelers.

While the initial focus is on Baghdad, Iranian authorities in Rasht hinted at future plans. Iranian representatives revealed they’ve received requests for additional routes, including one to Basra. Passengers can expect announcements regarding these potential expansions in the near future.

This development signifies a growing connection between Iraq and Iran, offering Iraqi and Iranian citizens a new travel option and potentially boosting tourism in both countries.

Source: Iraqi Airways 

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