Ministry of Environment Enforce Legal Actions on Unsustainable Factories

The Ministry of Environment in Iraq has issued a warning to cement production factories, emphasising the need to strictly follow the environmental rules and regulations. The Ministry has made it clear that failure to comply with these guidelines will result in severe consequences, including the temporary closure of the factories and the imposition of fines.

Cement factories are recognised as major contributors to pollution in Iraq. This pollution has strong consequences for the health of the citizens, leading to respiratory issues, water contamination, and degraded land quality. Additionally, the overall air quality in the country suffers due to the emissions from these factories.

In response to these concerns, the Ministry of Environment has implemented requirements aimed at ensuring that companies prioritise environmental sustainability in their operations. This move is intended to compel businesses to integrate eco-friendly practices and technologies in the development of their factories. By doing so, the Ministry hopes to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities and promote a healthier environment for all Iraqis.

Source: Ministry of Environment

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