Minister of Culture Visits Paris to Reinforce Cultural Exchange

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Fakak Al-Badrani, visited the Iraqi Embassy in Paris where he was welcomed by the Iraqi ambassador, Dr. Wadih Batti. The Minister emphasised on the promotion of Iraqi culture in France in order to strengthen Iraq’s cultural identity and community abroad.

A ceremony was held at UNESCO in Paris to celebrate the Iraqi National Day. Many performances were organised showcasing the Iraqi National Music Heritage Band, and many other cultural and artistic shows. The program also included a documentary film about the history of Mesopotamia, its civilisation, archeology, and heritage. All produced by the Ministry.

The presence of the Minister of Culture in Paris was an important event, as Iraqi people showcased their culture, talents, and rich history to the western world.

The Minister also paid a visit to the Louvres Museum where himself and his delegation viewed the Iraqi section of the museum. It came to an agreement that there will be stronger ties in collaborating with the museum by providing Iraqi experts in the antiquities’ sector.

In a meeting with Ms. Rima Abdul Malik, Minister of Culture of the French Republic, there was a discussion to increase cultural exchange and develop Iraq’s every aspect of arts. They praised the efforts made by the French Ministry of Culture and Iraqi Ministry of Culture to preserve Iraq’s heritage and considered future steps to continue to do so.

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