Meet Iraqi humanitarian Hisham Al-Dahabi

Meet Hisham Al-Dahabi, the man who decided to take care of the homeless and orphaned children in Iraq, after the war left many children without parental figures and more vulnerable than ever before.

In 2017, Hisham was able to build the “Iraqi Home Foundation For Creativity” orphanage funding it from the Hope Makers award, as well as the contribution of donations. He sheltered children, enriched them with sports activities, educated them to become graduates, and hopes to inspire them to do the same for the generations to come.

His ambition is to have 18 orphanages, one in each Iraqi governorate, which he has already started to work towards as part of his project. In addition to this, Hisham has taken part in official meetings which aim to legislate child protection laws to ensure that the safety of children and their rights to education becomes a priority, in the whole country.

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