Iraq’s Natural History Museum in Baghdad

The Iraq Natural History Museum is located in Baghdad and was established in 1946. It contains the oldest scientific publications. The museum exhibits many different types of organisms such as animals, insects, and plants to represent the wildlife of Iraq. Also, there are pre-historic items such as dinosaur skeletons, homo sapiens sculptures, and fossils.

Reproduction of Homo Sapiens sculpture

The University of Baghdad’s Natural History Research Centre and Museum is pioneering the introduction of the museum’s first virtual dinosaur skeleton to its exhibition halls. This milestone marks a distinctive advancement in the realm of Iraqi museums. The Technical Division, led by Assistant Professor Mahmoud Hussein, in collaboration with Associate Sundus Jamil Odeh and sculptor Dergham Ghanem, initiated the creation of the inaugural virtual skeleton. This skeleton belongs to a dinosaur species, measuring 6 meters in length and 4 meters in height, made of artificial materials immune to climatic conditions.

Small crocodile with its insides open

The project leaders have affirmed that this model mirrors those found in international museums, marking it as one of the noteworthy restorations undertaken by the museum in recent years. This project stands as a pioneering achievement, marking a first in the history of Iraqi museums.

Stuffed snake representing the wildlife of Iraq
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