Iraqis are Voting for Provincial Councils for the First Time in 10 Years

After an extended hiatus since 2013, today marked a pivotal moment in Iraq’s democratic journey—the elections for provincial councils.

Voters, representing diverse ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, arrived at polling stations with a fervent belief in the power of their ballots. It was more than just an electoral process; it was a collective declaration, different voices harmonising to start a new era of governance and representation.

For many, this day was a chance to redefine the narrative of their communities, to elect leaders after a decade, who can champion their aspirations, representing a huge milestone for Iraqi politics. 

In a display of unity and resilience, Iraqis, undeterred by the challenges that had beset their nation, embraced this opportunity to shape the destiny of their provinces. Their ballots, each marked with hope and conviction, are proof of their unwavering dedication to a future brimming with promise and progress.

The turnout itself speaks volumes, Iraqis, standing as a unified force, casting their votes not just for themselves but for the generations yet to come. Today marked not just an electoral event but a defining moment in Iraq’s continued march towards a brighter tomorrow.

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