Iraqi PM Al-Sudani meets NATO Commander on Cybersecurity

Baghdad – (iina) Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani held an important meeting with Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Aguero Martinez, the NATO Mission Commander in Iraq, along with his delegation. The discussions primarily revolved around NATO’s mission in Iraq and their collaboration with the Iraqi armed forces, emphasizing training, supervision, and the continuous growth of Iraq’s military capabilities across various domains.

During the meeting, a pivotal moment occurred as the NATO mission presented a comprehensive cybersecurity threat assessment for Iraq. This report would undoubtedly play a crucial role in improving Iraq’s cybersecurity defenses and strategies.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani expressed gratitude for NATO’s dedication and support, reaffirming Iraq’s commitment to executing the cybersecurity strategy approved by the Ministerial Council for National Security in 2022. He also highlighted the imperative need for a robust cybersecurity committee to strengthen coordination among relevant agencies, underlining the nation’s determination to enhance its cybersecurity infrastructure and resilience in the face of evolving threats. This meeting showcased the commitment to Iraq’s security and stability through international collaboration.

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