Iraq, Saudi Arabia Parliaments Work to Boost GCC Ties

The Iraqi-Saudi Parliamentary Friendship Committee, led by MP Shalan Al-Karim, held a significant meeting with His Excellency Mr. Jasem Al-Budaiwi, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), at the council’s headquarters. This meeting, convened at the invitation of the Saudi Shura Council, aimed to strengthen the bonds between Iraq and the Gulf countries.

Attended by committee members MP Karim Al-Muhammadawi, MP Hassan Al-Khafaji, and MP Yassin Al-Ithawi, the discussions centered on enhancing cooperation and exploring new opportunities. Key topics included leveraging Iraq’s abundant natural resources and notable security stability post-terrorism eradication to attract Gulf investors. The dialogue highlighted Iraq’s potential as a fertile investment ground, crucial for regional stability and prosperity.

MP Al-Karim also focused on educational collaboration, proposing increased opportunities for Arab students to study in Iraq. He highlighted the Iraqi government’s initiatives to offer scholarships, aiming to strengthen academic ties.

His Excellency Mr. Al-Budaiwi commended Iraq’s pivotal regional and international role, affirming GCC’s support for Iraq’s development journey. He acknowledged Iraq’s influence on regional security and stability, which positively impacts the Gulf countries. Expressing gratitude to the Iraqi delegation, Mr. Al-Budaiwi emphasised continuous engagement and future plans to enhance cooperation. He called for reciprocated visits to foster stronger bilateral relations, emphasising their commitment to mutual progress and solidarity in various fields.

Source: Council of Representatives

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