Iraq Ranks Second Among MENA Nations in Hydroelectric Power Capacity

According to recent data from the Global Energy Monitor, Iraq has emerged as the second-ranked Arab country in terms of operational hydroelectric power capacity. The combined hydroelectric power capacity of seven Arab countries—Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon, and Algeria—exceeds 10.2 gigawatts.

Egypt leads the region with the highest hydroelectric capacity, reaching 2.778 gigawatts. Iraq follows close behind with an impressive 2.436 gigawatts, securing its position as the second-largest hydroelectric power producer among Arab nations. Sudan follows in third place with a capacity of 1.85 gigawatts.

Syria ranks fourth with an operational capacity of 1.585 gigawatts, while Morocco takes fifth place with 1.395 gigawatts. Lebanon contributes to the regional total with 0.108 gigawatts of hydroelectric power, and Algeria rounds out the list with a capacity of 0.100 gigawatts.

These figures show the significant role of hydroelectric power in the energy strategies of these Arab countries, highlighting their efforts to tackle renewable energy sources for sustainable development.

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