Iraq National Football Team Prepare for the Asian Cup 2023

Abu Dhabi, UAE – (iina) 17 professionals from Arab, Asian, and European leagues were called up to the final roster of Iraq’s national team participating in the upcoming Asian Cup finals in Qatar in January. The list of 26 players, revealed by Spanish coach Jesus Casas, includes:


1. Jalal Hassan

2. Fahad Taleb

3. Ahmed Basim


4. Zaid Tahseen

5. Saad Natiq

6. Frans Dayaa

7. Ali Adnan

8. Ribin Solaka

9. Merkhas Doski

10. Ahmed Yahya

11. Hussein Ali

12. Alaa Mhawi


13. Ibrahim Bayesh

14. Zidan Iqbal

15. Ahmed Ali

16. Osama Rashid

17. Bashar Resan

18. Amjad Attwan

19. Amir Al-Ammari

20. Ali Jasim

21. Yousif Al-Amin

22. Danilo Al-Saeed

23. Montazar Majeed


24. Mohannad Ali “Mimi”

25. Ayman Hussein

26. Ali Al-Hamadi

The Iraqi national team commenced their preparations on January 2nd in the UAE, leading up to a friendly match against South Korea on the 6th of the same month before heading to Doha for the Asian Cup.

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