Iraq Facing Extreme Heat Reaching Above 50 Degrees Celsius

Iraq has been enduring extreme heat over the past few summers, with more than 10 cities ranking among the hottest places in the world. This intense heatwave is causing significant struggles for Iraqi citizens, severely impacting their daily lives and work routines. Several factors contribute to these high temperatures, including Iraq’s geographical location in the Middle East, characterised by a desert climate, and the broader issue of global warming.

The heatwave poses substantial risks to the health of Iraqi citizens, leading to conditions such as heatstroke and dehydration. Vulnerable groups, including the elderly and children, are particularly at risk. Furthermore, the increased demand for water during these periods results in shortages, severely affecting farmers and causing disruptions in various professional activities. This makes it difficult for people to stay productive and cope with the higher costs associated with cooling systems.

To address these challenges, several strategies are being implemented to avoid the effects of climate change. One crucial approach involves developing infrastructure that is resistant to high temperatures. Increasing green spaces, such as parks, is another essential measure, as these areas can create cooler environments and provide much-needed relief from the heat.

In addition to these infrastructural changes, effective water management systems are urgently needed. These systems can help ensure a stable water supply during heatwaves, reducing the stress on the population. Public education campaigns are also vital, informing citizens about safety measures such as staying hydrated and remaining indoors during peak heat times.

These combined efforts aim to create a more resilient and sustainable environment for Iraq’s population, helping them cope with the extreme heat and its challenges. By prioritising both immediate and long-term solutions, Iraq can better protect its citizens and ensure a more stable future amidst the growing impacts of climate change.

Cities affected in Iraq with temperatures over 50°C: Basra, Nasiriyah, Amarah, Najaf, Baghdad, Karbala, Diwaniyah, Kut, Samawah, Hillah.

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