Iraq Considers New Economic Vision

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani chaired the regular meeting of the Ministerial Council for Economy, focusing on the need to reevaluate and reform unproductive economic decisions and policies. He highlighted the importance of addressing ineffective practices and affirmed the necessity of making firm, sound decisions for meaningful reform.

The Prime Minister emphasised the government’s significant support for the private sector, stressing that economic decisions should benefit the country as a whole rather than select groups. The council reviewed a report from a committee monitoring support for oil products, fuel supplied to factories, and the Ministry of Electricity.

They also discussed organising tax collection from companies and distinguishing between operational and non-operational factories. A technical committee was formed to regulate roles and address issues. The Prime Minister directed that the next meeting be held within a week to finalise decisions, aiming for a comprehensive and supportive economic vision that enhances production and export of factory products.

Source: Prime Minister Office

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