Iraq and Lebanon Discuss Media Cooperation in Recent Meeting

Baghdad – (iina) In a recent meeting, the Head of the Iraqi Communications and Media Commission (CMC), Mr. Ali Al-Mouyad, and the Lebanese Ambassador in Iraq, Mr. Ali Adib Al-Habbab, discussed various media-related matters with a focus on strengthening media cooperation.

During the meeting, both sides expressed their commitment to enhancing bilateral relations and emphasized the importance of media collaboration in fostering cultural and social ties between Iraq and Lebanon.

The main agenda of the meeting was to facilitate the work of Lebanese journalists in Iraq, and ideas were exchanged on how to improve this cooperation.

Additionally, both parties discussed ways to enhance media relations between the two countries, emphasizing the importance of sharing news and reports between media outlets and developing media expert exchange programs.

Mr. Al-Habbab, expressed gratitude for the valuable facilitations provided by CMC during a recent visit associated with the Arbaeen pilgrimage, highlighting Iraq’s commitment to media cooperation and support for Lebanese visitors during this important occasion.

This meeting reflects ongoing efforts to strengthen media relations between Iraq and Lebanon.

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