Iraq Addresses Electricity Sector Challenges and Future Plans

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani chaired a significant meeting on Wednesday, addressing the Ministry of Electricity’s projects and future production plans. Key representatives from the Ministries of Electricity, Oil, and Planning attended. The meeting focused on the Ministry’s summer preparations, challenges, citizen complaints, and transmission network issues.

Al-Sudani  the priority of the electricity sector, promoting continuous development and problem-solving through regular meetings. He advocated for a comprehensive plan involving investment, renewable energy projects, and an effective economic model. Discussions included fuel stock levels and ensuring uninterrupted fuel supply for power stations and local generators.

The Prime Minister decided consulting firms will be contracted to enhance sector management. He also reviewed electrical interconnection projects with neighboring countries, renewable energy plans, and ordered government buildings to adopt solar power, prioritising environmental measures. In the gas sector, he called for a clear vision and accountability for mismanagement.

Source: Prime Minister Office

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